Brazil facts
    Brazil facts
    Capital: Brasília
    Largest city: São Paulo
    Population: 206 million
    Currency: Real (BRL)
    Official language: Portuguese
    Highest point: Pico da Neblina
    Longest River: Amazon

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Brazil is world's fifth largest country in terms of both population and area. It is the largest country in South America. It borders every other South American nation, except Ecuador and Chile. It is world's largest Roman Catholic country with over 140 million members or about 75% of the population

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    In 2016, Brazil will become the first South American country to host the Summer Olympic Games

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    The word "Brazil" comes from brazilwood, a tree commonly found along the Brazilian coast. In Portuguese, brazilwood is called pau-brasil (brasil means "red like an ember" in Portuguese and brazilwood produces a deep red dye) As brazilwood produces a deep red dye prized by the European cloth industry, massive amounts of brazilwood were harvested and shipped to Europe. The official name of the land, as per the Portuguese records, was the Terra da Santa Cruz ("Land of the Holy Cross"), but European sailors and merchants commonly called it 'Terra do Brasil' ("Land of Brazil") and the name Brasil eclipsed its official name. Pedro Álvares Cabral, the Portuguese navigator and explorer who claimed the land for Portugal, erected a large wooden cross, and named the land, Ilha de Vera Cruz (Island of the True Cross), as he mistakenly assumed that it was an island.

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    Brazil is the world's largest producer, exporter and consumer of coffee. Brazil is also World's Largest producer of sugar, sugarcane, tropical fruits, tobacco and orange juice concentrate. Brazil is World's Largest exporter of beef and Corn.
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    Brazil is the only country to have won the FIFA World Cup a record five times, the only country to have qualified for every World Cup Edition
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    Brazil has second highest number of airports in the world (USA has most airports in the world)
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    Portuguese explorer Pedro Alvares Cabral set sail with his fleet on March 9, 1500, looking to follow Vasco da Gama’s route to India to secure direct trade relations for spices. Instead, they "discovered" Brazil on April 22, 1500 and claimed it for Portugal.

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    The first permanent European settlement in Brazil was established in 1532 at São Vicente in what is now São Paulo state. Salvador de Bahia was Brazil's first capital. Later, Rio de Janeiro later emerged as the main center of shipping, and became Brazil's capital. Following more than three centuries under Portuguese rule, Brazil gained its independence in 1822, maintaining a monarchical system of government until the abolition of slavery in 1888 and the subsequent proclamation of a republic by the military in 1889. Then it was determined that the country would need a new capital and the site of present-day Brasilia was chosen to build the new capital. Brasilia, the country’s capital, took just 41 months to build, from 1956 to 1960. In 1960, Brasilia became the official capital. Rio had been the capital for the previous 197 years.
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    The national animal of Brazil is the jaguar

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    For thirteen years, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, functioned as the capital of the Kingdom. In 1807, Napoleon's army was marching toward Portugal and fearing for the safety of the royal family, Prince John VI ordered that the entire court be transferred from the capital of Lisbon to the Portuguese colony of Brazil. The royal court arrived in Rio de Janeiro on March 7, 1808, establishing it as the first and only European capital city to ever exist outside of Europe.

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    With over 1.5 million descendants, the Japanese in Brazil constitute the biggest Japanese community outside Japan.
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    About 90 miles from the city of São Paulo lies Ilha de Queimada Grande, or "Snake Island" -- a place so filled with venomous snakes that it's been called one of the "world's deadliest islands." It is estimated that one can find a snake for every six square yards.

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    Prisoners in four federal prisons holding some of Brazil's most notorious criminals will be able to read up to 12 works of literature, philosophy, science or classics to trim a maximum 48 days off their sentence each year. Prisoners will have up to four weeks to read each book and write an essay about it.
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    When Los Angeles hosted the 1932 Olympic Games, Brazil was in the midst of an economic crisis and the team was unable to pay the tax to enter the United States. The wholesale price of coffee, Brazil's major cash crop, had fallen drastically. Many disheartened coffee growers destroyed their crop rather than sell at a loss. So the Brazilians came up with a novel solution — to load a ship (S.S. Itaquice) with 50,000 pounds of coffee, have the Olympic team serve as crew and sell the cargo at ports between Rio and Los Angeles. Sadly, the Brazilian delegation reached San Pedro, the port of Los Angeles, with a grand total of $24. Because the U.S. Immigration Service had a one-dollar head tax, only 24 athletes could go ashore. Brazil failed win any medal as their only medal hope — the water polo team — were disqualified from the games for beating up the referee.
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    Top 10 cities of Brazil ( pop. 2016 est.)
    São Paulo: 12 million
    Rio de Janeiro: 7 million
    Salvador: 3 million
    Brasília: 3 million
    Fortaleza: 2.7 million
    Belo Horizonte: 2.6 million
    Manaus: 2.3 million
    Curitiba: 2 million
    Recife: 1.8 million
    Porto Alegre: 1.6 million
    Brazil Administrative divisions (capital)
    Pará (Belém)
    Amazonas (Manaus)
    Mato Grosso do Sul (Campo Grande)
    Acre (Rio Branco)
    Mato Grosso (Cuiabá)
    Amapá (Macapá)
    Rondônia (Porto Velho)
    Roraima (Boa Vista)
    Tocantins (Palmas)
    Goiás (Goiânia)
    Bahia (Salvador)
    Minas Gerais (Belo Horizonte)
    Espírito Santo (Vitória)
    São Paulo (São Paulo)
    Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro)
    Piauí (Teresina)
    Maranhão (São Luís)
    Ceará (Fortaleza)
    Rio Grande do Norte (Natal)
    Paraíba (João Pessoa)
    Pernambuco (Recife)
    Alagoas (Maceió)
    Sergipe (Aracaju)
    Santa Catarina (Florianópolis)
    Rio Grande do Sul (Porto Alegre)
    Paraná (Curitiba)
    Distrito Federal (Brasília)
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